Thank you for your interest in my research. I am passionate about families, and my particular focus is on social influences on families. I try not to define what a family is, or what a family is not. Many people find this both frustrating and incredible. My argument is that it is not up to me to tell you whether you are part of a family or not, or whether what you think is a family is or is not a family. I am a researcher; I am not the Queen of Families.

Families in the 21st century, in my view, take many, many forms. Too many for me to list here. It can consist of one or more parents, who may or may not live together, who may or may not be the same gender, who may or may not be related to all the children in the family. The children can be dependents, or perhaps they are adults who live away from their parents. I also believe that people without children can be considered a family. Just from those few variables, you can see that it is very unlikely that I (or anyone else) would be able to list every type of family form.

My research focuses on Australian families. I particularly enjoy finding unexpected results and every now and then I’ll throw the cat among the pigeons. I’m not adverse to saying something controversial, as long as it is supported by my research. To read about my different projects, please click on the tabs above right.