The Astarte Project examines people without children (whether by choice or circumstance) in Australia. The pilot study was conducted in two parts. The first was a qualitative study of 330 participants, 250 voluntarily childfree (206 female, 44 male) and 80 involuntarily childless (69 female, 11 male). The second stage was a quantitative study of 145 voluntarily childfree Australians and their life satisfaction.

I am now embarking on a new project that will examine people who are voluntarily childfree in Australia, and their life experiences compared to the involuntarily childless, and parents. It will later look at life satisfaction and wellbeing amongst these groups, from a strengths perspective: what aspects, such as optimism and resilience, contribute to life satisfaction, for example.

The first phase of this research is now under way. I am currently analysing the qualitative data from 249 participants (if you participated, thank you, I look forward to hearing your story). In 2016 I will be conducting in depth life story interviews with approximately 30 people. These experiences will then help inform the quantitative stage of the project.

If you are interested in participating in this study, or you would like a copy of research results when they come available, please register your interest at To find out more about these research projects, email