Research shows that the transition to parenthood is difficult to negotiate. Parenting has become professionalised, in that there is a “right” way and a “wrong” way to bring up children in an increasingly child-focussed world. These workshops are aimed at parents of children aged 0 to 4 years, to help them negotiate the parenting pathways.

Workshops can be tailored to address the needs of particular groups of parents, such as teenage parents, single parents, CALD parents, parents from rural, remote and regional areas and so on. You are encouraged to discuss particular needs at the time of booking.

Toddler Taming: Is your toddler running you ragged? Are you exhausted? Tired of tantrums? Stressed? Lacking support? This two hour workshop will help you understand your child’s behaviour, parent guilt free, and give you practical solutions for reducing stress. It helps build emotional IQ and resilience in children, and promotes learning through play.

Play for Parents: We know playing with our children is important, but many parents don’t know how to play. Aimed at mums and dads who work outside the home, I can come to your workplace for this one hour workshop where you will be taught how to play with your child in ways that promote fine motor skills, problem solving, and creativity. At the end of this hands on workshop, you receive a free take home pack so you can do the activities at home.



The workplace is becoming an increasingly stressful environment, and it is important for people to build their own resilience, reduce their stress, and increase their teamwork skills, so that they perform more effectively at work while maintaining their own life satisfaction. These interactive workshops are aimed at professional staff members, support workers, organisations, government and non-government sectors, and volunteers. Workshops can be tailored to address the needs of particular groups, and we find that tailored workshops are an especially effective use of time. You are encouraged to discuss particular needs at the time of booking.

Building Resilience in the Workplace: Workplaces are becoming more and more stressful, and self-care is important (though often pushed aside to deal with “later”). These workshops run from two to four hours, and discusses the psychology of resilience. It will teach you practical strategies for dealing with stress, and increasing work-life balance.

Team Work: If you work in a team, this workshop is for you. Specifically tailored to your workplace, this workshop can run from two hours to two days. It explains the psychology behind effective team work, and utilises hands on activities to explain the concepts. Topics include team structures and norms, communication, diversity, and conflict resolution. 


Tailored Workshops

Perhaps these workshops are not quite what you are looking for? I can design and deliver workshops specifically to suit your needs. Please contact Dr Bronwyn Harman via email


Booking Your Workshop

For quotes and bookings, please contact Dr Bronwyn Harman via email